“In choosing a company for our sound system upgrade, one of the most important things was not only the quality of the sound equipment, but communication and ease-of-use once installed. We have discovered WorxAudio not only has the finest state-of-the-art components and equipment, but also a commitment to helping us provide the best experience for our congregation and our sound engineers. Thank you!”


Pennsville Baptist Church

“The project has been a huge success. The speakers that we replaced just weren’t right for the room and didn’t compliment the praise music that’s so important to the service. The WorxAudio system sounds terrific and there isn’t a bad seat in the house. This installation has already led to another project. When one job leads to another, it doesn’t get any better!”


Unity Free Will Baptist Church

“The clarity and distribution of the WorxAudio loudspeakers has been everything we hoped for. Numerous people in the congregation have remarked that they are able to hear both the music and spoken word with great clarity—even at lower volume levels. Aesthetically, the enclosures look good, which was also an important consideration. We couldn’t be happier about the entire project.”


Venice-Nokomis United Methodist Church—Nokomis, FL

Venice-Nokomis United Methodist Church—Nokomis, FL Challenge “Church management recognized the need to offer a more contemporary program as the best means for engaging and, thus, being more relevant to the younger generation of worshippers. The goal was to deploy a system that not only increased speech intelligibility and provided consistent coverage throughout the space, it

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First Presbyterian Church—Fort Wayne, IN

“The church was blown away with the new sound system. In the sanctuary, the installation of the WorxAudio equipment resulted in a major improvement over the previous loudspeaker system and we received many, many compliments on opening Sunday. This project was nearly a year in the planning stage, so it was rewarding to see all the hard work recognized upon completion.”


The Kirk – Crossing—Nashville, TN

“This is one of the best sounding installations we’ve ever completed. The sum of the acoustical design, WorxAudio loudspeakers, and how the equipment was designed and deployed has provided one of the most articulate, full-range and impactful audio systems I’ve ever encountered. The Kirk continues to receive compliments from the congregation. One of the church members recently stated, ‘For the first time in 20 years, I could understand everything the pastor said.’”


Miami Vineyard Community Church – Cape Coral, FL

“The new sound system is exceeding everyone’s expectations. People can hear clearly no matter where they are seated and the energy level is very high. David Hilberry, the church’s production manager, always lets me know just how happy he is with the WorxAudio system and all of the positive comments he receives about the sound. It really couldn’t have turned out any better!”

— Rob Robinson, co-owner Creative Sound Solutions, LLC, Cape Coral, FL


University Christian Church – Muncie, IN

“Our client has been very pleased with their system. We’ve had no issues with any aspect of the install, and everything has been rock solid. Due to our great experience with these boxes and working with WorxAudio, we’ve since installed these same boxes in another venue. Our experience with WorxAudio has been extremely positive, and we look forward to continuing our relationship.”

— Ron Groves of Force Technology Solutions, Greenfield, Indiana