The Kirk – Crossing—Nashville, TN

“This is one of the best sounding installations we’ve ever completed. The sum of the acoustical design, WorxAudio loudspeakers, and how the equipment was designed and deployed has provided one of the most articulate, full-range and impactful audio systems I’ve ever encountered. The Kirk continues to receive compliments from the congregation. One of the church members recently stated, ‘For the first time in 20 years, I could understand everything the pastor said.’”


Miami Vineyard Community Church – Cape Coral, FL

“The new sound system is exceeding everyone’s expectations. People can hear clearly no matter where they are seated and the energy level is very high. David Hilberry, the church’s production manager, always lets me know just how happy he is with the WorxAudio system and all of the positive comments he receives about the sound. It really couldn’t have turned out any better!”

— Rob Robinson, co-owner Creative Sound Solutions, LLC, Cape Coral, FL


University Christian Church – Muncie, IN

“Our client has been very pleased with their system. We’ve had no issues with any aspect of the install, and everything has been rock solid. Due to our great experience with these boxes and working with WorxAudio, we’ve since installed these same boxes in another venue. Our experience with WorxAudio has been extremely positive, and we look forward to continuing our relationship.”

— Ron Groves of Force Technology Solutions, Greenfield, Indiana


Springs First Church – Colorado Springs, CO

“One of the greatest strengths of the WorxAudio X1i-P line array is its very wide 160-degree horizontal dispersion. Because of this, with just a left – right hang, we were able to achieve excellent coverage throughout the entire seating area. As for the TL218SS subwoofers, low frequency sources such as the bass drum and bass guitar are finally getting the low end support they deserve.”

— Doug Hood, President of CSD (Custom Sound Designs) Group, Inc., Fort Wayne, IN


Marlton Field House – Blackwood, NJ

“Everyone has been very impressed with the sound quality of the WorxAudio equipment. Senior Pastor Jon Wagner recently took a close listen to the loudspeakers and has asked for his main sanctuary to have WorxAudio installed. When one project leads to another, it doesn’t get any better than that!”

— Joshua Kell, Chief Operations Officer, Horizon AV of Blackwood, NJ


Henderson Church of Christ

“WorxAudio definitely has everything required for an easy installation and proper aiming of a line array system. Everything from the beam clamps to the schedule 40 pipe couplers and the grids is well engineered. When the church requested white enclosures to blend with the room’s aesthetics, WorxAudio obliged. Combined with the company’s excellent support services, we were very pleased and, most importantly, our client is extremely happy.”

— Jarred Clayton, Tennessee Concert Sound’s Sales and Design representative


Hughes Auditorium at Asbury University

“After reviewing our options, we decided to deploy a centrally positioned cluster of eight WorxAudio TrueLine V8i-P line array elements. These loudspeakers—painted white to blend aesthetically with the character of the room—were flown using WorxAudio’s TrueAim adjustable grid. The loudspeaker cluster is positioned over the front lip of the stage and hung at 34 feet. Eight feet below that point, there is a sign on the back wall that says ‘Holiness Unto the Lord’ in large print. It was critically important that the sign not be visually obscured from any of the seats in the house.”

Oakmont Final-MidRES1

Oakmont Baptist Church

“I’ve received numerous compliments from church management. I attended a service and had numerous people approach me and shake my hand because the sound was so clear and natural. Several people told me this was the first time they could understand the pastor and hear the lyrics clearly. This project has already led to new business—it doesn’t get better than that.”

— David Williams, Owner of Hi-Tech Electronics

North Kannapolis Baptist Church

North Kannapolis Baptist Church

“The church is extremely happy with their new sound system. The music from the worship team is cleaner than ever and they agree that their sound is better now with the new loudspeakers. The senior pastor is also pleased—as he is now able to move about freely, without the fear of feedback. We plan to use WorxAudio Technologies products at every opportunity possible.

— Kelly Gragg, AVSL Sales Engineer, Strategic Connections


First Baptist Church of Lenoir, NC

“With its broad 160-degree horizontal dispersion pattern, everyone at the church is extremely pleased. Both the congregation and church management have been very complimentary. Equally important, the entire WorxAudio team was extremely supportive of this effort. They not only made product recommendations, the provided EASE data as well. When I have an installation project, WorxAudio is the first company I think of.”

— Buck Roberts, President, Selah Media Productions