Five County Stadium - Zebulon, NC

Five County Stadium



“Audio system management with a low profile design and ease of operation was our goal for this setup. With an official seating capacity of 6,500 spectators, we decided to install the loudspeakers at the rear of the spectator areas—facing out onto the field in order to overcome the noticeable delay that resulted when we tested a center field loudspeaker configuration.”


Ten weatherized WorxAudio X2 line array enclosures were deployed throughout the upper seating levels. Eight WaveSeries 218S subwoofers provide low frequency support. Five enclosures are positioned throughout the seating areas—pole mounted adjacent to 1st and 3rd bases with another between 3rd base and home plate. Two X2’s are mounted on the press box wall. Three remaining subwoofers and nine WaveSeries 8A enclosures complete the concourse area.


“This design enabled us to reach those people seated at the further-most distance with the same volume level as the spectators seated directly beneath the loudspeakers. This arrangement also made it possible to control the amount of audio that actually reached the field. The audio effectively ceased at the pitcher’s mound and, thus, eliminated unwanted reflections coming back to the spectators.”

— David Evans, President and Chief Engineer for Sound Advice


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