TrueLine X1M

Line Array Loudspeaker 

Key Features 

  • "AIM" Acoustic Intergrading Module
  • Compact Line Array
  • Controlled Symmetrical Pattern Control
  • Flat Phase & Power Response
  • FlatWave Former (Wave Shaping Device)

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Frequency Response (-3dB)1 65 Hz – 18 kHz ±
Frequency Range (-10dB) 50 Hz – 20 kHz
Recommended High-Pass 60 Hz – with minimum 24 dB / octave (4th order) slope
Nominal Dispersion @ -6dB Horizontal: 160 Degrees
Vertical: 10 Degrees
Recommended Crossover Frequency 1.6 kHz (acoustic, active, external DSP)
Long Term Power Handling2 Low Frequency  
500 W (2000W peak) 

High Frequency
75 W (225W peak)

Nominal Impedance BiAmp LF: 8 ohms
BiAmp HF: 8 ohms

Powered LF: 4 ohms
Powered HF: 8 ohms

Pressure Sensitivity
@ 1Watt 1 Meter3
LF: 101dB
HF: 108dB
Max P SPL @ 1 Meter4 126 dB SPL (129 dB SPL peak)
LF: 8” (203.2mm) x 2 2” (50.8) voice coil
HF: 1” Exit (25.4mm) x 1 1.75” (44.45) voice coil
Enclosure Baltic birch plywood, engineered plastics, and aluminum frame
Finish Two-part spray catalyzed Polyurea coating on plywood
Grill 14-gauge (1.0 mm) perforated steel, powder-coated finish, black
Environmental Indoor use only (Outdoor coatings available for weatherization)
Connectors Two (2) parallel-wired NL4 Neutrik® Speakon® connectors
Power Amp Connectors Neutrik® PowerCon (AC) XLR M/F (In/Out)
Suspension/Mounting TrueAim® Tour side rigging; optional array frame accessories
Dimensions 10.25” H x 24.5” W x 18” D (260.35 mm x 622.3 mm x 457.2 mm)
Net Weight 59 lb. (26.76 kg)
Shipping Weight 65 lb. (29.48 kg) - approximate with carton
Product Versions X1T-BA, X1T-P, X1i-BA, X1i-P
Digital Power Amp 350W (x1) LF, 350W (x1) HF
Digital (4) program processing
XLR Transformer Isolated I/O
AC Power Con I/O


1Frequency response and range measured on-axis with recommended active EQ in an anechoic environment.

2Power handling tested using pink noise filtered to meet IEC 268-5, 6 dB crest factor, 100 hours, with recommended EQ.

3Sensitivity measured in free field (no boundary-loading gain) with recommended active EQ, referenced to 1W/1m.

4Maximum SPL calculated from sensitivity and power handling specifications, exclusive of power compression.


The X1M-P is a two-way, high efficiency, line array loudspeaker. It is designed as an ultra compact high performance system for the reproduction of speech and music program material. The X1M-P incorporates a medium format 1" exit compression driver coupled to a stabilized proprietary FlatWave Former that delivers clear but penetrating high frequencies over a predictable and controlled coverage area.

Dual 8" cone transducers coupled to the (A.I.M.) Acoustic Intergrading Module minimizing cone filtering throughout the entire operating range. A sturdy multi-ply plywood enclosure, with a multi-layered catalyzed polyurethane finish, will withstand the most demanding portable applications. A perforated, powder coated steel grill with a high transmission ratio offers excellent protective properties. The custom designed flyware enables the user to easily array the system to the precise desired coverage area.

The X1M-P is available in dark black or white exterior. The X1M-P excels in a myriad of diverse applications requiring a compact line array enclosure. Superior workmanship and transparent sonic quality make the X1M-P an exceptional tool for any speaker system.

System Components

Screen View EASE Focus

EASE Focus 2 Array Software

EASE Focus 2 to be used when arraying multiple V-SERIES or X-SERIES line array.


To be used with Ethernet cable to control PXD-2500, PXD-2580, PXD-8080 Series Amplifier.


PowerCon to Edison cable 6ft in length to be used with our PMD, PSD, and PXD Series Amplifiers. 


TrueLine Projector/Enclosure Adjusting Ceiling Mount 1.5"

NL4-PXD-Dual Output

NL4-PXD-Dual Output Cable for PXD-8080 Amplifier.

AC Cable

AC Cable

PowerCon cable to be used with our PMD, PSD, and PXD Series Amplifiers.


Gospel Temple Worship Center - Florence, SC

Products Used

  • TrueLine X1M
  • TrueLine X3
  • TrueLine TL218SS



“There’s a lot of sound system in this room and yet, it’s visually quite unimposing. No matter where one sits, the coverage is extremely even and clear. This is a high performance system that offers tremendous return on investment. Both Church officials and members of the congregation have commented numerous times about the coverage and the consistency of the sound throughout the entire room.”

— Michael W. Templeton, President of Templeton Sound Systems, Orangeburg, SC - 

Marion Church of God - Marion, SC

Products Used

  • TrueLine X1M
  • TrueLine TL118SS
  • TrueLine TL218SS
  • TrueLine  X5
  • WaveSeries 8M


“We’ve received a huge number of compliments from both church management and the congregation. No matter where you walk, the sound coverage is crystal clear and even. WorxAudio’s TrueLine X5i-P is a really unique line array system that offers tremendous bang for the buck and the TL118SSi-P subwoofers output a tremendous amount of low-end punch you have to feel to appreciate.”

— Michael W. Templeton, President of Templeton Sound Systems, Orangeburg, SC 

 The Great Auditorium - Ocean Grove, NJ

Products Used

  • TrueLine V8
  • TrueLine X1M
  • TrueLine  TL215S
“The Great Auditorium is a cultural icon in our area and I genuinely feel we assembled a terrific sound system using some of the best equipment in the industry.  Being self-powered, the WorxAudio loudspeaker systems eliminated unsightly amp racks, simplified cabling and, ultimately, provided a visually clean and unencumbered appearance that, aesthetically, blended really well with the environment.”

— Ed DiBona, ACIR Professional, EGG Harbor Township, NJ