WaveSeries 8A

High Efficiency Passive Loudspeaker

Key Features 

  • Integrated Rigging System
  • Ultra Compact 
  • Flat Phase & Power Response
  • Durable Catalyzed Multi-layered Finish
  • Hi Quality Optimized Crossover
  • Acoustic Waveguide

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The 8A is a two-way, high efficiency, passive loudspeaker. It is designed as a compact high performance system for the reproduction of speech and music program material.

The 8A has a one-inch exit compression driver coupled to a 75 X 75 degree wooden waveguide horn reproducing high frequencies, and an 8-inch cone transducer in a tuned enclosure for the low frequencies. A high quality passive network operates very efficiently, also providing EQ points for a flat frequency response. The sturdy multi-ply plywood enclosure, with a multi layered catalyzed Polyurea finish, is designed to withstand the most demanding portable applications. A perforated, powder coated steel grill with a high transmission ratio offers excellent protective properties.

The 8A can be purchased in two versions. The portable (8A) configuration has large recessed handles and a stand mount, while the (8Ai) installation version has a standard twelve point flyware system. Both are available in white, black or unfinished exterior.


Five County Stadium - Zebulon, NC

Products Used

  • TrueLine X2
  • WaveSeries 218S
  • WaveSeries 8A
“This design enabled us to reach those people seated at the further-most distance with the same volume level as the spectators seated directly beneath the loudspeakers. This arrangement also made it possible to control the amount of audio that actually reached the field. The audio effectively ceased at the pitcher’s mound and, thus, eliminated unwanted reflections coming back to the spectators.”

— David Evans, President and Chief Engineer for Sound Advice

New Life Christian Ministries - Roanoke, VA

Products Used

  • TrueLine X3
  • TrueLine X115
  • WaveSeries 8M
  • WaveSeries 8A
“The new sound system makes a world of difference. No matter where you sit, the sound is clear and consistent. The system does a great job reproducing music and, equally important, every spoken word is easy to understand. Music is very important at this church and the system really helps make services relevant to everyone in attendance. We couldn’t be happier.”
— Mike Giammona, Systems Consultant for Lee Hartman and Sons