Company History

WorxAudio Technologies has a history that spans thirty-three years and encompasses three different identities as part of the company’s forward march to its present position in the live sound marketplace.

The company was founded in 1979 by Hugh Sarvis as two separate identities operating under the names RoadWorx (a sound services company) and WoodWorx (a loudspeaker manufacturer).

By 2001, Sarvis and business associate Norvin Roessing had seen more than their fair share of touring sound engagements and decided to focus on the manufacturing business.

Sarvis named the new company WorxAudio Technologies, with the “Worx” portion of the name providing the link to their past achievements.

Today, WorxAudio Technologies offers a comprehensive product line encompassing line arrays, point source systems, sub bass enclosures, stage monitors, and more.

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In the late 70’s, suitable manufactured equipment barely existed, so pro sound companies built their own systems. Sarvis was no different.

WoodWorx was focused on building the best products possible as a means of bringing in projects for RoadWorx and throughout the 80s, developed a solid following.

In 1990, the company formed an OEM design and manufacturing relationship with TAD (Technical Audio Devices), a division of Pioneer Electronics. During this period, the company re-located to its own facilities in order to expand its manufacturing operations and invested in CNC routers and a new Heian woodworking machine to achieve greater manufacturing efficiencies.

Today, WorxAudio’s customers benefit from the hands-on approach and experience that can only be achieved from actually “being there in the trenches.”

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From concept to completion, WorxAudio loudspeaker systems are designed employing a twenty first century ‘State-of-the-Art’ approach.

To achieve our design goals, Autocad and Solid Works are implemented during a product’s research and development phase. To determine the design’s acoustical aspects, MLSSA, LMS, and LEAP are but a few of the tools applied to integrate the desired performance characteristics.

Once the physical design has been completed, the employment of a comprehensive CAD/CAM package is utilized in concert with CNC machining. This process facilitates an extremely high level of accuracy and repeatability to achieve an elevated standard for all sub assembly parts.

With this high level of precision, the construction of base units—along with proprietary hardware—assures the prospective WorxAudio customer a product of flawless construction.

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Utilizing the best component manufacturers around the world, WorxAudio is able to offer products with the highest quality components—enabling us to achieve an unmatched fidelity standard.

Our no compromise product development approach includes the use of an Audio Precision Analyzer, enabling us to test every aspect of each electrical component. From there, each unit within the system is tested for its acoustic response using Time Delay Spectrometry (TDS) and Energy Time Curve (ETC) information.

Finally, a Time Energy Frequency (TEF) test is performed to insure the consistency of every product. With our testing and inspection procedures, our customers are guaranteed a product of unmatched quality and performance. Each product is placed in a tested shipping carton using ‘foam in place’ packaging to assure safe delivery.

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