Company History

In 1979 the vision of Hugh Sarvis to fill the need for a high–end road worthy speaker system came together with the creation of Woodworx and Roadworx. Mr. Sarvis had worked tirelessly for many years studying audio engineering and music in the effort to design, build, and use his own speaker system. He had a desire to build a sound system that would become an innovation to the audio industry.

Through the year’s Roadworx began providing production for many internationally known artists and groups such as Alabama, Wynonna Judd, and Waylon Jennings. Roadworx provided exclusive sound reinforcement for all type’s of productions, and began to gain national recognition for their innovative designs and sound quality. With the popularity of Woodworx speaker designs growing among artists, sound engineers, and end users, the process of selling to the general public only seemed the right thing to do.

By the mid 1980’s Woodworx introduced the Max Series line of speaker enclosures. This series filled the need for a heavy duty, high-end pro audio touring enclosure, which would provide superior sound quality at a high SPL level. While undergoing several style changes and never-ending research, the Max Series has remained true to the original design concept of providing the utmost in reliability.

In 1991 Woodworx signed an exclusive agreement with TAD (Technical Audio Devices) a division of Pioneer Electronics to help design and manufacture their TCM Series of loudspeakers and speaker systems. TAD went on to win several awards throughout the following years.

In 1995 Woodworx designed a new system of enclosures to sell to The Pro Contractor Market. These systems were named WaveSeries This line has become one of our best selling systems.

Moving into the new millennium Woodworx Audio Products, Inc. made a major marketing move. It decided to make a name change to more represent the ever-changing audio market. The new name will lead us toward a more Full Product Line introducing new products to include powered speakers, electronics and many other audio devices.

Our new name is WorxAudio Technologies, Inc.

With a strong repeat customer base and a commitment to its clients’ success, WorxAudio continues to expand its customer service with in-house quality control measures, specialized staffing, designers, and equipment updates with emphasis on teamwork. Our focus on efficiency while leaving room for creativity and development has created trustworthy relationships with our customers.