Marlton Field House – Blackwood, NJ

“Everyone has been very impressed with the sound quality of the WorxAudio equipment. Senior Pastor Jon Wagner recently took a close listen to the loudspeakers and has asked for his main sanctuary to have WorxAudio installed. When one project leads to another, it doesn’t get any better than that!”

— Joshua Kell, Chief Operations Officer, Horizon AV of Blackwood, NJ

Five County Stadium

Five County Stadium

“This design enabled us to reach those people seated at the further-most distance with the same volume level as the spectators seated directly beneath the loudspeakers. This arrangement also made it possible to control the amount of audio that actually reached the field. The audio effectively ceased at the pitcher’s mound and, thus, eliminated unwanted reflections coming back to the spectators.”

— David Evans, President and Chief Engineer for Sound Advice

HiTech-Pier Web

Jennette’s Pier

“When the inspectors arrived for permit approval, I was told, ‘We want to hear this loudspeaker system that everybody’s talking about.’ The I/O-4’s do a terrific job outside and, inside, the HT8-C’s are providing great level, a rich, full sound, and even coverage. The sound quality of the HT8-C’s really compliments the overall look of this upscale room. We’ve received nothing but compliments.”

— David Williams, Owner of Hi-Tech Electronics

Ocean Grove FOH

The Great Auditorium

“The Great Auditorium is a cultural icon in our area and I genuinely feel we assembled a terrific sound system using some of the best equipment in the industry. Being self-powered, the WorxAudio loudspeaker systems eliminated unsightly amp racks, simplified cabling and, ultimately, provided a visually clean and unencumbered appearance that, aesthetically, blended really well with the environment.”

— Ed DiBona, ACIR Professional, EGG Harbor Township, NJ

White Oak Baptist Conference Center

White Oak Conference Center

“We are extremely pleased with the new system’s performance. The WorxAudio loudspeakers sound phenomenal no matter where you happen to be in the room, with sound quality that is clear and very musical. We are thrilled to finally have an audio system every bit on par with those of the best facilities in the region.”

— Sid Gattis, President of Gattis Professional Audio, Lexington, SC


University of Tennessee

“We received nothing but compliments on the sound system. At the end of the day, it all boils down to the sound quality—and WorxAudio delivers. The V10’s have an amazing frequency range. They go quite low, so it’s just amazing what you can get out of the system. Speech intelligibility was terrific and the sound was as good as it gets.”

— Scott Grimsley, President of Sound Ventures, Knoxville, TN