TrueLine TL118SS

Extreme high SPL extended bass loudspeaker system

Key Features 

  • Extended Low Frequency
  • High Level Output
  • High Power Handling
  • Low Power Compression
  • Removable Caster Board
  • Tour grade enclosure and mechanics
  • A perforated powder coated steel grill with a high transmission ratio


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Spec Sheet

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System Performance  
Frequency Response (-3dB)* 26 Hz – 150 Hz
Frequency Range (-10dB) 18 Hz – 150 Hz
Recommended High-Pass 20 Hz – with minimum 24 dB / octave (4th order) Butterworth slope
Nominal directivity (-6dB) Omni or cardioid
Recommended Crossover Frequency 90 Hz (acoustic, active, external DSP)
RMS handling capacity** LF: 2000 W
Maximum SPL @ 1 Meter*** 136 dB ([WorxAudio] preset)
Components LF: 18” (457.2mm) x 1
Nominal Impedance LF = 4 ohms, Self Powered
Enclosure Baltic birch plywood, engineered plastics, and aluminum frame
Finish Two-part spray catalyzed Polyurea coating on plywood
Grill 14-gauge (1.0 mm) perforated steel, powder-coated finish, black
Environmental Indoor use only
Connectors Two (2) parallel-wired NL4 Neutrik® Speakon® connectors
Power Amp Connectors Neutrik® powerCON (AC) XLR M/F (In/Out)
Suspension/Mounting Internal bracket w/ threaded .375” Flying points (x24)
Dimensions 22.5” H x 28” W x 30.0” D (571.5 mm x 711.2 mm x 762 mm)
Net Weight 135 lb. (61.23 kg)
Shipping Weight 150 lb. (68.03 kg) - approximate with carton
Product Versions TL118i, TL118i-P, TL118T, TL118T-P
Digital Power Amp PXD-2500
2500W (x1) LF
Digital (100) program processing, LCD readout
XLR M/F Isolated I/O
AC powerCON I/O
* Frequency response and range measured on-axis with anechoic environment.
** Power handling tested using pink noise filtered to meet IEC 268-5, 6 dB crest factor, 100 hours, with recommended EQ.
*** Peak level measured at 1m under free field conditions using 10 dB crest factor pink noise with specified ([WorxAudio] preset) and corresponding EQ settings.


The TrueLine TL.118SS is designed to satisfy the need for an extreme high SPL sub bass loudspeaker system. Components have been selected solely for their performance.

The TrueLine TL.118SS utilizes a direct radiating 18” 2000W cone driver in a tuned enclosure, which provides maximum output with minimal distortion and smooth extended low frequency response. The tour tested 21 ply Baltic Birch highly braced enclosure and 24mm thick baffle board construction provide unsurpassed rigidity and strength.

The enclosure is built to truck pack dimensions for efficient transportation of multiple units, and should be arrayed to increase performance in large or outdoor venues. The TrueLine TL.118SS is designed to be used for low frequency sections in multi-way speaker systems, or as a sub bass section in any sound system requiring extended low frequency response and the highest quality audio reproduction.

The TrueLine TL.118SS comes with a multi-layered catalyzed Polyurea finish and is offered with a variety of color options. The TrueLine TL.118SS delivers the transparent sonic quality and easy portability necessary for the demands of professional audio today.

System Components

Screen View EASE Focus

EASE Focus 2 Array Software

EASE Focus 2 to be used when arraying multiple V-SERIES or X-SERIES line array.


To be used with Ethernet cable to control PXD-2500, PXD-2580, PXD-8080 Series Amplifier.

Dolly PlateTD-118

Transport Dolly w/ Camloc Connectors for the TL118S sub speaker.


Slip Cover for the TL118S sub.


The Lamb's Chapel - Hall River, NC

Products Used

  • TrueLine X1
  • TrueLine TL118SS
  • TrueLine  TL218SS
  • WaveSeries 8M
“Everyone at the church—including the clergy, music staff, and the congregation—has been extremely enthusiastic. The sound quality from the Worxaudio loudspeakers is clear and even no matter where one happens to be seated. The pastor, choir, and others on stage can hear clearly. Combine all this with a first-rate visual presentation and you have a recipe for success.”

— Paul Boone, President and CEO of Boone Audio 

Marion Church of God - Marion, SC

Products Used

  • TrueLine X1M
  • TrueLine TL118SS
  • TrueLine TL218SS
  • TrueLine  X5
  • WaveSeries 8M
“We’ve received a huge number of compliments from both church management and the congregation. No matter where you walk, the sound coverage is crystal clear and even. WorxAudio’s TrueLine X5i-P is a really unique line array system that offers tremendous bang for the buck and the TL118SSi-P subwoofers output a tremendous amount of low-end punch you have to feel to appreciate.”
— Michael W. Templeton, President of Templeton Sound Systems, Orangeburg, SC 

Bristol High School - Bristol, VA

Products Used

  • TrueLine X1
  • TrueLine TL215S
  • WaveSeries 8M
“Both the administration and the faculty are really pleased with the new system. For the first time, people are able to understand what’s being said and when music is played, it sounds natural. The X1i-P’s dispersion is really wide and delivers consistent coverage throughout the room. With the school year’s assorted functions, everyone is looking forward to being able to understand every word!”

— Mike Giammona, Systems Consultant for Lee Hartman and Sons, Inc.

Westminster Presbyterian Church - Rock Hill, SC

Products Used

  • TrueLine X1
  • TrueLine  TL118SS
“This X1-P is very smooth sounding when crossing the room from left to right. The same cannot be said of many competing line arrays in this price range. With the X1-P, you hear clearly off-axis, and when you’re on-axis, the system doesn’t bombard you with high frequency harshness. It’s a very natural sounding system that isn’t the least bit fatiguing.”  

— Kelly Bristow, Sales Manager / Project Manager for Paragon Productions, Rock Hill, SC 

Marlton Field House - Blackwood, NJ

Products Used

  • TrueLine X3
  • TrueLine TL118SS
  • TrueLine  X2
  • WaveSeries 12A
 “Everyone has been very impressed with the sound quality of the WorxAudio equipment. Senior Pastor Jon Wagner recently took a close listen to the loudspeakers and has asked for his main sanctuary to have WorxAudio installed. When one project leads to another, it doesn’t get any better than that!”
— Joshua Kell, Chief Operations Officer, Horizon AV of Blackwood, NJ

University Christian Church - Muncie, IN

Products Used

  • TrueLine X3
  • TrueLine TL118SS
“Our client has been very pleased with their system. We’ve had no issues with any aspect of the install, and everything has been rock solid. Due to our great experience with these boxes and working with WorxAudio, we’ve since installed these same boxes in another venue. Our experience with WorxAudio has been extremely positive, and we look forward to continuing our relationship.”

— Ron Groves of Force Technology Solutions, Greenfield, Indiana